New Norse Projects is Timeless

Norse Projects celebrates 20 years in the game next year. How did that happen? Well, as rhetorical as that question was, let’s examine the reason they’re still around while others have fallen by the wayside.

Firstly their distinctly Danish heart is evident through everything they do, especially to those not native of the nation. The Scandinavian approach to design appears to come naturally to those in that region, but here in the UK, there’s a different sensibility when it comes to design.

Another element that makes Norse so enduring is they’ve got the mixture of timeless and progressive just right. Evidence this gear we’re showcasing today, it appears uncomplicated but like all good design, nothing is there that isn’t needed. It’s unfussy without being basic and it’s a balance few brands actually manage to accurately strike.

New developments like their Arktisk project show their eyes are fixed on the future, which begs the question, will there be another 20 years and if so, what will things look like by then? Time will tell.

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