New Patagonia at Oi Polloi

Is there a brand out there that enjoys such widespread respect as Patagonia? They were hugging trees before everyone else saw the marketing sense it made, and they were sowing the seeds of hikerdelia before anyone ever coined the phrase. Naturally, we love it.

Oi Polloi have a long-held appreciation of the brand too. They’ve just dropped a load of new season stock and it’s distracting me so much I can’t quite find the words to finish this post. So I’ll just leave a link instead and get back to starting at those mental fleeces. I think if I look long and hard enough, I can see a knight on a horse.

See the full hit here

Patagonia-Tops-10-02_760e7e5c-52d3-4923-8243-78af0e6f977e Patagonia-Tops-11-02_0725157a-4839-4c6b-8df9-486e6dadac89 Patagonia-Tops-12-02 Patagonia-Tops-13-02 Patagonia-Tops-14-02 Patagonia-Tops-15-02

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