New Patagonia at Slam Jam Socialism

Whether you’re a cynical anti-establishment type or just someone who likes really nice, well-made clothing, you simply can’t fail to be taken in by the allure of Patagonia.

I won’t patronise you by telling you the impressive back story of this brand, nor will I try and sell it to you on its ethical core values. And you won’t catch me wasting any time trying to tell you all about the amazing story of its founder, and how his DNA still permeates the brand deeply, 44 years after it was born.

I’ll be doing none of that, because like the brand, it’s not about fanciful marketing, doneĀ for show or as a selling point. It just is what it is. The fact the clothing looks great and functions really well is what you’re more interested in, probably. With that in mind, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

See the full hit of amazing Patagonia gearĀ here

Mark Smith

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