Newfangle Aguda Bucket Hats in Teflon

Remember those Tefal ads ages ago? For some reason I’ve yet to fathom, they decided to advertise non-stick frying pans using men with massive heads. Very strange days.

And yet, finally it has taken the innovative Iberians from Newfangle to bring some sense to proceedings with their own ‘titfer’ which uses the same teflon technology Tefal did. Naturally, frying an egg  using your hat isn’t recommended, no matter how mess-free it’d be. These hats are all about repelling the elements, telling the rain to go away (and come again another day).

The thing with most hats of any level of sartorial standing is they keep you warm but rarely will they keep your totally dry. This does both. Named after a fishing village in Portugal, it marries childhood memories from the past with futuristic headwear from the future.

Available in the green and red shades we’ve come to associate with their native country, plus a more neutral, nautical navy, there’s something for everyone. The addition of a ‘good anywhere’ boast on the inside brim of the hat adds a touch of Norse Projects and Engineered Garments sloganese, which is always good.

Now they just need to make them in XXXXXXXXL for those boffin lads from those Tefal ads.

Get yours here.

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