Newfangle x Dream Wheels Heritage Ulnar Gloves

We do our best not to follow convention here at Proper. And with that in mind, here we are telling you to buy some gloves just as we’re on the cusp of summer. I wore shorts today. Shorts and gloves isn’t the strongest look. 

And yet, when someone brings your attention to something genuinely well made and timeless in style, the idea of seasonal purchases goes out of the window. There’s never a bad time to buy something like this as they’ll last you years.

The Newfangle x Dream Wheels gloves are made in Portugal from premium leather. The pics show how much thought has gone into the detailing and construction so I won’t patronise you with talk of stitching and all that jazz. The best detail though is in the name. The Ulnar nerve is one of the most important in the hand, and these gloves are made to protect it. Clever.

So if you’re heading out on your two wheels this summer, or you fancy making a genuine investment for keeping your hands warm later in the years, look no further.









I had pizza for tea.

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