Oakley teams up with Action Bronson for uplifting new film

He’s one of the good guys, is Ariyan Arslani aka Action Bronson. When he’s not rapping about various subjects (mostly food tbf), he’s practicing his newfound love of boxing, HIIT and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. If you’d referred to his passion for health and fitness just a year ago, it would have been assumed you were being ironic. And yet here in the middle of 2021 he’s a changed man having spent the last year absolutely caning the exercise. He hit 400 pounds and thought “Nah, it’s shit, this” so took up boxing and starting eating healthier.

This legitimately puts him in good company alongside sporting superstars in this new campaign for the sultans of sunglasses, Oakley.

Urging people to ‘Be Who You Are’, the stirring message is conveyed by Olympians ahead of the Tokyo games and it’s really good. Give it a watch below and once you’re done, find out more here.

I had pizza for tea.

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