Paramo Packs a Punch

We’re in familiar territory here, both for ourselves and for Oi Polloi. It’s time to bring out the jackets.

There’s probably someone, somewhere who has written a paper on the pull of outerwear to a certain type of male. They’ll have examined why said bloke needs 17 jackets in roughly the same shade of green and maybe they’ll have even come up with a number of deep-seated explanations for this. We don’t need to get into that here though. Instead, we’ll do what we always do. Look at a few jackets, nod approvingly then talk about why they’re dead good in a slightly superficial yet entertaining way. It’s just what we do isn’t it? Let’s not look too deep.

Paramo have been doing their thing since 1992, when founder Nick Brown saw a slender section of the outdoor market and thought “I’m having that”. His currency for this land grab was a waterproof treatment which he called Nikwax. It performed well in comparison to its contemporaries, applying itself to nicely designed outerwear and shielding the wearer from wind and rain with minimum fuss.

Now almost 30 years old, Paramo returns to Oi Polloi and it’s just in time for us all to start having a game of coats again.

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I had pizza for tea.

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