Paul and Shark Multi Colour Logo Sweatshirt

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I can’t think of Paul and Shark without thinking of Paul Sykes these days. I’m sorry, it says much more about me and Sykesy than it does about P&S who have been consistently throwing out premium nautical garms ever since I can remember. They’ve never really chased fashion in the way some brands do, and as a result they’re still here, doing bits in the way they do bits.

This weekend I watched my Fifth Flight Football team defeated in alarmingly simple fashion, but that wasn’t the only fashion which was simple. This being non-league, we’re all still trusted to stand up on a terrace and as such there’s always one lad who decides to climb that bit higher. It was a bit of a throwback to the 90s to me. Anyway, this lad was wearing this jumper and I thought “Go on, lad. You’ve got it right”. In a sea of samey terrace songs and identikit schooligans it must be hard to literally stand out, but he did.

He might be a massive dickhead, but for now I say to him, well done young man and well done Paul and Shark. Lovely use of colour and branding. Just one thing, when will you put your logo right on the family patch?

Get yours from Scotts.

I had pizza for tea.

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