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We don’t share enough of ourselves on here. It’s mainly loads of chat about how great everyone else’s gear is.

For those who know, skip to the pics. For those who don’t, we’ll here’s a potted history. Me (Mark) and Neil (Neil) founded Proper as a blog in about 2002. It wasn’t really a blog in the hypey sense, more a place online for the weirdest bit of our brains to live. Think of it as a post-fanzine, post-lads mag publication, made for people who liked clothes, swearing and sarcasm. And it was online.

And yet, despite our own Hikerdelic brand going from strength to strength, it’s these ever – popular Proper logo tees which are the perennial favourite.

People kept saying it was good so we did more of it, then someone asked to pay us to advertise. They wanted a printed version though, so we switched focus from to Proper, a mag made of paper and ink and staples.

We just kept at it really, doing it for a hobby, maybe because there was no social media or indeed smartphones to dump our brainfarts into.

You do something for long enough and doors of opportunity start to be left ajar. Through this, we’ve now set up a very modern concept… Proper is many things. Ostensibly it’s a unique type of marketing agency, one with its own audience, its own magazine, its own house style and its own ideas. Oh and in the aforementioned Hikerdelic, its own brand. Proper remains the big brother though and we’ve long been producing tees, sweats and other items bearing the name of our thing.

So that’s us really. If you reckon you might be interested in hearing what sort of stuff we’ve been up to, we’ve got a new website in the pipeline. In the meantime though, show support and at the same time show you know the score by buying one of our logo tees. They’re ace quality, they’re a flatting fit, and you’re guaranteed to get asked “Where’s that from mate?” at least eleventeen times.

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