Proper Picks – December 2022

And Wander Diamond Stitch Down Jacket at Yards Store
And Wander do this sort of bubbly beauty really well. We’re torn on the concept of a down jacket without a hood here at Proper, but this is pushing us towards giving said concept an emphatic nod.
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Kavu Womens Kelowna Fleece at Outsiders
Ok so we’re mainly a magazine for the male of the species, but who says we can’t share nice things for our female counterparts? There are plenty of them out there and an increasing number seem to be drawn to clothing traditionally aimed at fellas. All for it, us.
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Good Measure Liberty Island t-shirt in Snake Grey
Using innovative dyeing techniques, the guys at Good Measure have done so many great garments over the years. So much so, they must surely be on the verge up upgrading their name from Good to Great.
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Nike Dri-Fit Underwear
It’s the time of year when festive gift giving is on everyone’s mind. The safest bet is underwear, but not just any old underwear. These Nike Dri-Fit efforts will keep comfort key as you reluctantly trudge back to the gym in the new year.
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Gramicci x Brain Dead Mountaineering Jacket
We’ve covered this elsewhere on these pages but we care not for your pleas for us to stop going on about it. It looks like it’s made from the hide of a psychedelic cow, and for that reason we do really like it.
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Nike Life Cable Knit Sweater
This is gorgeous. Look at it. It’s the sort of thing Eddie Murphy would have worn in Coming to America, but with…. a tick? Yep. It’s Nike. As if Nike, a sportswear brand can do a cable knit like this justice! But they can, look at it.
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Story mfg Brew Hat
If you’re the type of person who values the idea of a hand-knitted hat with snails on then frankly, get in touch. You sound right up our street. Also, get one of these hats.
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Elmer Packable Gloves at Northern Fells
We don’t need to connect the dots here do we? That little zip on the knuckle is idea from a functional point of view as well as providing a handy sting in the tail for anyone who might require a good hiding. That zip would have their eye out. Not that we’re serious. Or are we?
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Subu x Goodhood Slipper
Slippers are to winter what sandals are to summer. The shape of this also makes it an ideal comfortable bivouac for an Action Man.
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Fera Poacher Gilet
Imagine if Filson, Carhartt and Barbour somehow had a 3 way and the resultant child contained elements of the DNA of all three. This is that.
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Barbour x Noah NY
This is everything you’d hope a collab between Noah and Barbour would be, plus a little bit more.
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ST95 Dyne Smock
The brand founded by Osti which appeared fleetingly in the mid-90s has returned and it looks pretty good.
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Urban Ears
Not everyone wants to throw loads of cash at expensive earpods. Why would you when these do the job for a lot less money. We’ve been using a pair of these in the office for a few weeks and can add the weight of actual positive experience to arguments in their favour.
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Mizuno Wave Rider 10 at Parasol
What the hell do Mizuno think they’re doing making legions of appealing trainers this year? We knew them for golf and for making football boots for obscure footballers. Now this? It’s impressive tbh.
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New Balance 9060 at Aphrodite
Looking like something a hovercraft captain on Mars would wear, these 9060s have a futuristic silhouette that is still unmistakably New Balance.
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Studio Arhoj x Goodhood Glass Mushroom Shape Study 2022
We love all this stuff here at Proper. Inanimate objects that somehow add an air of frivolity to any room they occupy.
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Adsum Expedition Fleece Custom Jacquard
These two colours together are never not nice. It’s like someone has taken a jigsaw puzzle of the Peak District in bloom, with its hills and heather, and make a fucking dead nice fleece out of it.
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Snow Peak Active Field Pack
No fluff or fuss in this field pack from Snow Peak, just a very well made backpack that’ll serve you on your commute and doesn’t cost the earth either.
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Fresh Casentino Wool Overshirt
Throw this over a white tee and you couldn’t help but look like a cosmopolitan European. How comfy does it look, too?
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Riot Division Bifurication Down Jacket
A brand we keep an eye on, Riot Division have continued to operate despite their country being at war. If their clothing is as resilient as their resolve, it’s well worth a closer look.
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adidas Tobacco Gruen at Aphrodite
One look at these and you’re thinking about one of those rich hot chocolate drinks you sip while watching a box set aren’t you? Sorry, that was a bit Sex and the City.
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Stone Island Corduroy shirt in Rose at Pockets
Stone Island Cord Overshirts are never not good.
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Kavu Ornament at Outsiders
Not sure why this exists but I sure am glad it does.
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Stan Ray OG Painter Pant Olive Cord
A utility trouser with a difference, these come in cord which I’d suggest is less than ideal if you’re to wear them to actually paint in. Imagine getting a load of gloss in between the finely cut corduroy. A bloody nightmate.
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Uniform Bridge 2 Pocket Hood Parka
What a lovely silhouette this jacket has. Short on the body and possessing pockets proudly positioned on the chest, it quietly screams ‘buy me’.
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Adsum Cutter Jacket – Orange
This is the sort of thing Adsum do so well. Barely any branding, just a faith in their ability to make winning outerwear in considered colours.
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Donegal Wool Beanie at Old Town General Store
Like a Wham bar for your head, these woolly wonders are available from Stockport’s finest.
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Krakatauwear Waterproof Short Puffer
Another beast from the East, this heavy duty outerwear brand consistently make forward-thinking fall/winter gear.
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