Proper Picks – March 2023

New Balance 1960R
There was a time when such a futuristic, technical-looking shoe would have been solely the preserve of the gym or those serious about competitive sport. These days though, here we are embracing that look for a walk to the shops or even a laid back night out.

This New Balance 1960R available at JD Sports is the perfect example of a shoe that is very much ‘now’ yet also possesses the technical chops should you feel the need to break into something of a sprint.
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Armor Lux Striped Fisherman jumper “Molène” – wool
Very few brands can hold a candle to Armor Lux when it comes to stripey tops. They are to this genre of clothing what Gloverall are to Duffel coats and what Clarks Originals are to Crepe Soled Suede shoes. In fact, now I’ve mentioned those two, you just need a pair of Levis’s jeans to round off a very timeless look.
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Carrier Goods Waxed Elements Full Zip Jacket
Seeing a lot of this green about. Kind of Kermit the Frog vibes. Good colour for a jacket.
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ST95 Helio Hooded Blouson Jacket
Now re-established as a brand having shone briefly and brightly in the mid-90s. This is another good colour for a jacket.
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Mujjo Canopy AirTag Keychain
We’ve all been there. You’re in a hurry, your keys aren’t where you left them, someone raises their voice and before you know it there’s a storm in a teacup. Then, coincidentally, and somewhat inexplicably your actual keys are in a teacup too. On a shelf you never visit. This Canopy Air Tag Keychain takes away all the capacity for this situation to become fraught. There’s all sorts of thought gone into these, which you can read about at their website. Security-wise, why risk your keys falling into the wrong hands without being able to quickly locate them? Available in Tan, Black, and Monaco Blue, matching the leather and color options of their iPhone cases, AirPod cases, and MagSafe wallets.
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The Real McCoy’s Wellington Sunglasses
Arguably the finest Americana reproduction brand from Japan, the Real McCoy’s painstakingly recreate and update original items. Usually clothing tbf, but in this case they’ve faithfully reproduced the Wellington Sunglasses, a frame style made popular in the 1950s.
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Barbour Pheasant Dog Toy
Sometimes, your dog deserves more than a meaty treat. Why should you be the one knocking about in Barbour on your regular dogwalking expeditions. Get your canine pal one of these to show you actually care.
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Elmer Printed Fleece Gloves
Yes, we’ve been saying it for weeks but the snow is genuinely coming and anyone long enough in the tooth to have experienced the odd snowball fight before now knows good quality gloves, or in this case mittens, are an absolute must.
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New Balance 991 Trainers – Wistful Mauve
Yep, that’s right, a second pair of New Balance in the list. You can’t stop me, you’re not my real Dad! I HATE YOU. Sorry, where was I? Yeah, not only are these a lovely colour for spring, a colour known as Wistful Mauve. Good name for a band, that.
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Hoka Mafate Speed 2 Origins
With a sole that engenders a hovercraft aesthetic, if these Hokas are as comfy as they looks, you wouldn’t be surprised if they allows you to walk on water, too. That’s a hovercraft reference, sorry.
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Ten C Mid Layer Hooded Overshirt – Grey
Spring brings with it that familiar sense of awkwardness for jacket fanatics, in that the temperature can sometimes reach levels where an outer layer isn’t required. In such situations, stuff like this is perfect.
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Polo Ralph Lauren Classic Fit Striped T-Shirt – Newport Navy / Multi
This is just the type of thing you’ll wish you’d bought come your holiday in August, by which time it’ll inevitably have sold out everywhere and you’ll be left with egg on your face.
Think on, then buy one now, here

Patagonia Fieldsmith Lid Pack Intertwined Hands: Hemlock Green 28L
It’s kind of camo but not. It’s mad isn’t it? We love a good bag here at Proper and Patagonia are as good as it gets in terms of cost versus quality.
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Tarvas Explorer Shoe- Hairy Suede
Finnish brand Tarvas is one we’ve been happy to cover many times in the past and it’s gratifying to see it doing more good stuff, in some of the finest establishments.
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Kavu Chilly Roy Pant
If we’re all still a bit suspicious of denim jeans and instead sniffing around this type of trouser, Kavu are a great option and deserve more than a cursory nod. Click through and maybe give them a whirl.
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La Paz Cunha NYC Sweatshirt
There’s a simple but effective springtime steez that comes with a light-coloured sweatshirt with an anchor on its chest. That’s exactly the point at which one should reach for La Paz.
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Gramicci x thisisneverthat
Flurry, furry and fulsome, this fleece is another of Gramicci’s creations, this time in collaboration with thisisneverthat.
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Fresh Tweed Wool Cricket Cap
Ok, so we’ve drawn your attention to this stuff more than once now, but as caps go we can’t really find much better.
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Wax London Kurt Trousers Navy/Rust Fire Jacquard
Ok, so it takes a special kind of guy to pull on these strides and confidently parade the pavements, but if you’ve got the spunk to carry them off, you should. Life is too short to not.
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Foret x Feuerhand Lantern
Yep, it’s a lantern. No, we’ve not gone mad. Sometimes you just need some nice things to light up your life and this is one.
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Corridor Taslan Bucket Hat
U.S brand Corridor make lovely knitwear, appealing shirting and as the above photo shows, some bloody good headwear too.
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HKLiving Rustic Blue Cup and Saucer
Sometimes those cheap IKEA cups won’t do. These are for those times.
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Porter Yoshida & Co Tanker Series Small Waist Bag
Reassuringly expensive bumbags are where our head is at this week.
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Percival x Champion Bonsai T-Shirt
It’s incredibly difficult to use the word Bonsai without thinking about Karate Kid, but we’ll resist because frankly it’d be far too obvious. What we will say is this t-shirt collaboration between Champion and Percival would take a clean sweep, packs a punch and … sorry, we couldn’t resist.
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Epperson Mountaineering Packable Large Climb Tote
Aside from their eyecatching backpacks, Epperson do a very appealing line in tote bags, durable, hardy and reliable yet small enough to fold down into a small pack.
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The Real McCoy’s Cotton/Nylon Hooded Down Jacket
This is an amazing jacket. Words would not do it justice so we won’t attempt to write any.
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Bhode Sage Green Shawl Collar Fleece
This lovely fleece from Bhode boasts a beautiful springy shade of green, with nice rounded edges and enough about it to suggest it’s a good choice for your evening out with the inlaws or indeed your mates from 5-a-side who you don’t really like.
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Gramicci x thisisneverthat t-shirt
Like something rescued from a thrift store in Wyoming, this tee is another part of the aforementioned collab between Gramicci and thisisneverthat.
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