Proper x Topo Designs Hikerdelic T-Shirts

When we set about printing a little fanzine almost a decade ago we didn’t expect it to last more than a couple of issues. It just didn’t cross our minds. But as time slowly rolled on we’ve added more and more nuts and bolts to Proper. More through a kind of duty than any driven streak. We just do what we fancy doing.

In the spirit of that, we decided last year that the cover art from Issue 12 of Proper would make a pretty neat t-shirt. While we could have easily knocked up some cheaply screen printed tees within a couple of weeks, we instead thought it best to work with another brand on the idea. When we considered those with the most valid hikerdelic credentials Topo came out top.

A few transatlantic back and forths later (with some serious patience from super-talented Ben Lamb in between) we finally hit upon a design everyone was content with and away we went.

Available from our own online shop and from Topo Designs in the U.S, we have just 99 of these available in the UK. That’s 33 of each colour. We’ve never done clothing before so it’s hard to predict the demand, but given the limited nature of these t-shirts, we decided it best to launch them with a little fanfare and at the same time give everyone the best chance of securing one.

So later tonight at 7pm GMT, we’ll be flicking the switch on a piece of hikerdelic history.

To help show off the t-shirts in all their glory we headed to a pretty fitting location for a mini-shoot last weekend. Werneth Low is a local beauty spot with pretty amazing views over Manchester and our home town of Stockport. On a clear day you can see as far as Lancashire, and everything in between. On a not-so-clear day you can see no further than about 100 yards. Guess which day the weather Gods foisted on us last weekend?

Undeterred, some expert photographic jiggery-pokery from our man Ray Chan salvaged the day. With Nick Rhodes of Bionic 7 providing both the blue steel and the vintage goretex, we managed to beat the weather. It wouldn’t be the North West of England without indecisive weather.

Plus there’s always next time…

For now though, have a butchers at our first foray into creating clothes rather than just writing silly words about them.

Huge thanks to Jedd and Mark at Topo Designs for their tireless work, and hugs of gratitude to Ray for helping us out in our hour of need. And if you like the look of the acid goretex outerwear vibes, head to Bionic 7, Port Street, Manchester.

Make sure you grab a t-shirt first though won’t you?


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