Red Wing Boots at Infinities

It won’t be long before you’re kicking your casey into a tree in an attempt to dislodge conkers. In fact, you’ll be kicking leaves all over the show then getting told off because “a dog might have pooed in there”. If you’re anything like me you’ll be chided by your parent or guardian for stamping in puddles in your “good shoes” then warned “they were expensive and they’ve got to last you all year”.

Basically, these Red Wings are what we should all have worn for school. That’s why I said that above.

Sadly, it was never going to be the case, which is why you should get some now from Infinities.

red-wing-3140-work-chukka-boots-oro-iginal-p110713-71121_image red-wing-3150-work-chukka-boots-charcoal-p110712-71129_zoom red-wing-3141-work-chukka-boots-briar-oil-slick-p110711-71117_image red-wing-9111-classic-round-boots-copper-p110710-71113_image red-wing-8196-classic-round-boots-briar-oil-slick-p110709-71125_image red-wing-8886-hertiage-work-6-moc-toe-boot-copper-rough-tough-p110708-71133_image

I had pizza for tea.

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