S.E.H. Kelly Competition, Win a Heavyweight Tuck-Stitch Jumper! (NOW ENDED – Well done to Owen!)

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of our competitions so we thought we’d pull all the stops out and offer you the chance to win a serious piece of luxury winter wear. One of you lucky lot will be winning themselves an amazing S.E.H. Kelly ten-gauge, tuck-stitch,  jumper (worth £280) in either a no nonsense crew or sumptous shawl neck. The “ten-gauge” part means ten stitches per inch, which doesn’t take much imagination to realise results in armour-type thickness. One jumper folded neatly, indeed, is the same height as four of S.E.H. Kelly’s semi-cutaway shirts (themselves no slouches in the thickness department).

The “tuck-stitch” part, meanwhile, means a traditional stitch with the yarn-strands woven into an interlocking matrix-like fortress of warmth. But what the jumpers gain in density and warmth they don’t lose a bit in comfort. The yarn is the finest lambswool going; lambswool that could quite easily get away with calling itself cashmere. And so the jumpers have a tremendous softness that is worlds away from the stiffness attendant to most knitwear of similarly nuclear-grade thickness.

S.E.H. Kelly make their garments using makers solely from within the British Isles meaning these incredible jumpers came together by working with one of the finest luxury knitwear makers in the country.
Founded over 100 years ago, it works with hand-operated machines overseen by one person rather than the industrial-size knitting machines of the day. It is one of the only, perhaps the only, maker to do that in Britain. Slow going — relying on hand-operation, there’s no go-faster dial, and if a knitter’s wrist takes a knock (it can happen) production comes to a halt — but the results without doubt bear out the time, skill, and considerable effort involved.

So now you know just how phenomenal these jumpers are, it’s time to ENTER THE COMPETITION! We’re looking for the funniest and/or most original answer (rather than the correct one) to the following question….


You can answer in two ways, either by posting in the comment section on this page (including your size S, M, L or XL) OR by tweeting “The S.E.H. in @sehkelly stands for [your answer] and I am a size [your size]”. The jammy, jumper winner will be picked in a couple of weeks, so get entering and the best of British luck to you!


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  2. singing engelbert humperdink.

    xl crew neck. ta

  3. salacious….exotic….heritage?

    Size Small cheers

  4. The S.E.H. in S.E.H. Kelly stands for Such Expert Hands and I am a size S

  5. Paul Healey

    It’s got to be
    S’what the jumper’s made of surely!

  6. helen rosbotham

    Simple English and Handmade! Medium please

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