Stone Island Paper Poly Check Grid SS’17

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Was it really 25 years ago that Ice Cube reminded us all to chickedy check ourselves before we wrickedy wrecked ourselves? They really were marvellous times though these days if I’m going to check myself I’ll choose Stone Island rather than the star of Ride Along 3. This season their house check grid has been applied via a highly technical sublimatic transfer process to a very light resin treated polyester rip-stop that has a marvellously futuristic translucent and paper-y quality. Statying true to the progressive and experimental nature of Stone Island these paper poly jackets are all assembled by hand before being garment dyed under pressure at 130°C with an anti-drop agent also being added before the check is applied. The resulting unique and exceptional two pieces of outerwear will have people both fawning over and fondling your new poly paper piece in sheer, unadulterated, outerwear amazement.


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