Suicoke Depa-V2 Sandals for the Summer

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Rich people are rarely cool and cool people are rarely rich. It’s just how things work. But there are shades of grey. There are some cool people who have a few quid. And then there are the rest of us, who try our best to appreciate nice things and occasionally push the boat out, pretending to have a few quid.

Me, then.

£130 for a pair of sandals may push your Dad into one of his “How much?” rants but that’s why you should buy some. The sandals I tend to wear are these mad adidas Equipment ones that my Dad actually bought back in the 90s. They’re absolutely amazing, and the fact I still take them on holiday with me every year shows just how smart they are. That’s the thing with posh sandals. These Suicoke may seem like something you’d buy after a scratchcard win, but the reality is they’re that price because you’re unlikely to find anyone else in them, and anyway, they’ll probably last you 20 years like mine have.

Go and have a look. If you’re close to Hip, you could even go and try them on. Ensure you cut your nails and take care of those unsightly corns though. Nobody needs to see your feet if they look like pork scratchings.

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I had pizza for tea.

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