john shuttleworth


As we’ve said on numerous occasions previous to this one, John is our patron saint of humour. Or comedy. Your choice which. If you’re not aware of his work, perhaps it’s about time your gave your head a wobble and check him out on youbend. Or is it youtube? Or better still maybe you could go and see him live?


Ok, so it’s not Christmas yet and it’s cool to pretend you’re really annoyed how everyone is going on about baubles and presents and fucking….other shit. But if you’re being a misery guts ahead of Baby Jesus’ birthday we’ve come up with a few youtube clips we thought might break your cynical resolve.


Now and again we like to look backwards and pluck things from our archive. Some stuff is timeless isn’t it? Take John Shuttleworth for example. He’s seemingly never been a young man but equally he’s not aged has he? With that in mind we’ve decided to publish an interview we did with the great man a full seven and a half years ago.