Ten of the Best for Springing into Summer

Everyone out there seems to be ‘taking things day by day’. The fortunate ones have been able to retain a little normality with socially distanced work, while others can do it from home.

Everyone must be united though, in the desire to just get things back the way they were. It’s not going to happen any time soon, but the relaxation of the rules comes at a time when the weather has perked up, and also at a time when it has started to dawn on bored cyber shoppers that all the nice things they’ve been buying aren’t much use sitting on the kitchen floor chain-eating bourbon biscuits.

So as we all tentatively, safely take our steps outside, what might we all be wearing? There’s stuff on this list for everyone, including me. Not all of it is for me, some of it is for you, or your adventurous pals who have given themselves a wacky lockdown haircut. A Geek Pie, Barley style.

Let’s start with this terry towelling twosome from Thing Fabrics, available from Oi Polloi. Your back garden bronzing bonanza can combine with this loungey look as you stroll out of quarantine a little more doughy than before, yet someone healthier and cooler.

Pink shorts? Yep. You can do it. These are unprecedented times and in Patagonia‘s £45 Baggies shorts, you’ve got the ideal statement maker at a price which is nice. Get them from Hip.

It’s 2020. Why haven’t you started to go Dutch yet? No, no I don’t mean paying for half of your Tinder date’s Avocado butty… I’m thinking actual Dutch. Holland. Netherlands. Pop Trading Company are up there on the winners podium atm rn for us. Relaxed, ageless streetwear that isn’t too luxury and isn’t too skate (even though it definitely is skate). Hip have this and it’ll serve you perfectly on those evenings on the patio when everyone’s done your head in and you need some ‘me’ time.

Another brand we like which also happens to begin with a ‘P’ is Parlez. It’s a similarly relaxed aesthetic too, albeit from Bristol with a hint of American sportswear. Makes me think I want to use the phrase West Country meets West Coast but it’s not overtly Californian so I won’t use it. What it is though, is just dead nice and available at Roulette.

Hello Sailor! Nice tattoos! This Norse Projects Niels Classic Stripe tee is gettable at Psyche and puts us in mind of one of those lads in magazine ads selling perfume. And everyone likes that don’t they? No? Well you absolutely should. Can’t go wrong with Norse can you?

Sand dune sojourns, bounding along the beach with your Bichon Frise or just acting like a French fella who is at home with his masculinity, these are worth a second look, whether in this sunshiney popcorn colourway or something more muted. These come with removable sustainability story to make you feel like you’ve been nice to Mother Earth, get them from Palladium.

Find us a sock brand more distinguished than Burlington. Go on. What? You can’t? Well then. Think on. Get these here.

Umbro have been doing a decent job of reinventing themselves over the last few years. Through their Pro Training line, they’ve managed to keep their time-served football DNA right at the the heart of their offering, yet somehow stay relevant to a younger audience. And look, they’re doing it again. Tie dyed training top. Yep.

Fancy the football aesthetic but want something a bit more distinguished and timeless? Look no further than this M-5 Heavyweight football top by Good Measure. It comes from their Flying Saucer pack which takes inspo from sweets of yesteryear, because why not.

Tell you what else is good about Good Measure? They’ve diverted their offcuts from landfill to local handmade head honcho of hats Long Shot. Another friend of Proper, Mike makes these using his nimble fingers, one at a time in Manchester. He’s a Scouser though, so don’t be getting hung up on civic rivalry. These are great hats, honest to God, la. Garment dyed and the best of their kind. Get yours.

I had pizza for tea.

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