The Berghaus Ice Cap Generates Heat

Almost 20 years after Oi Polloi opened its doors in a down-at-the-heel Northern Quarter here in Manchester, they’re still going strong, sticking steadfastly to a timeless aesthetic that made their name.

In that time two generations of customers have developed. From the OG Mephisto gang with white bits in their beards and a thousand-yard stare remaining from whatever they indulged in a little too much, to the excitable young crowd with their insta feeds clogged with ace nights out, streetwear, vintage Italian sportswear and that ubiquitous half-open packet of Golden Virginia on a beer garden table, Oi Polloi remains as relevant as ever.

Perhaps the archetypal Oi Polloi jacket relaunches on Thursday and it’ll play to both crowds. The Berghaus Ice Cap 78 is the outdoor brand’s stab at bringing back ones of the classics that made them as popular with bike shed bad boys as they were with top-of-the-class mountaineers.

It’s something they’ve worked directly with Oi Polloi founder Nigel Lawson on, looking through his unique lens into the past to create something you can only buy from Oi Polloi themselves. Even better is the price, south of ¬£200 for a substantial winter jacket as handsome as this is almost unheard of in these testing times.

With all of that in mind, you’d better set your alarm and bookmark the page.

It launches Thursday at 10.00am UK time.

See more Berghaus at Oi Polloi here

I had pizza for tea.

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