Treat Your Feet – Great Gifts from Kavu

Kavu are slept on a little more than we believe they should be.

A brand with authenticity and intrigue, Kavu began when Bill Barr decided to create a cap that wouldn’t fly off in challenging conditions and from that innovation, an entire brand was eventually formed.

Based out of Seattle but appreciated all over the world, their year-round approach to the outdoors shows they get it. Whether you’re in need of a striking t-shirt to see you through the summer or something to insulate you from winter’s worst ways, Kavu are here for you.

As with their Teannaway Fleece, their approach to socks is to offer plenty of choice. Once they’ve perfected a product they appear to ask themselves how many variations can they create. In the case of the aforementioned fleece that creates a wide range of weird and wonderful incarnations, and the same can be said of their hosiery. That means socks, to most people. We just like saying hosiery because we like the sound of the word hosiery.

Anyway, if there’s a time of year apt for socks, it’s surely the arse-end of the calendar year. Not only do your feet require the warmth offering by a pair of socks, the feet of your loved-ones do too. In Kavu there’s a brand that has reliable socks that come in more guises than you probably even need. They’ve got you covered anyway.

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