TSPTR celebrates The Wicker Man with capsule collection

As we celebrate the summer solstice here in the UK, cult brand TSPTR has chosen to mark 50 years of its favourite cult film – The Wicker Man. This is very much relevant to our interests.

In the half-century since Robin Hardy’s genre-defining classic was released, its impact has hit wave after wave of new generations, such is its unique take on the horror genre. It was this which attracted Hammer Horror stalwart Christoper Lee to take part, as he saw a dark humour and quirkiness in The Wicker Man, breaking the mould of traditionally scary films.

Years later, what was a relatively low budget movie continues to influence everyone from musicians to comedy writers, regularly referenced in popular culture. And now those nice vultures of culture TSPTR are celebrating its influence with a range of clothing and accessories that’ll resonate with their own followers and those beyond. Vultures sounds a bit negative doesn’t it. It’s not meant to. It’s just that TSPTR are into lots of really cool shit and know all about it. And it rhymes with culture.

Where was I?

Yeah, Wicker Man, brilliant.

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