TSPTR links up with Hot Chip

TSPTR has always sat resolutely outside whatever everyone else is doing, continually ploughing its own furrow. Numerous niche influences inform what they do, and whether pop-cultural or counter-cultural, their influences shine through in their output. Their latest project is in keeping with that way of working, as they link up with what they call “the thinking person’s party band”, Hot Chip.

Celebrating their mutual appreciation of Schulz’s Peanuts!, TSPTR and Hot Chip have worked together to combine archive art with lyrics from Hot Chip songs.

Not content with purely a clothing angle, Hot Chip frontman Alexis Taylor has written and recorded a new song called New Best Friend which he says is very much in keeping with the concept. The first 50 orders from the TSPTR webstore automatically get a limited edition double A side, cassette tape of the track which won’t be attainable anywhere else.

As indie brands like TSPTR seek to forage a future that relies less and less on the traditional wholesale model, link-ups like this will increase across the board. Few will do it as well as TSPTR though.

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