Universal Works x Saucony “Made with good ingredients”


It’s always good when two of your favourite brands get together and make something isn’t it? Especially when it’s a really, really nice pair of trainers. Universal Works have created the ‘Work Pack’ a suave yet subtle reworking of the classic Saucony Shadow which is available in two different colours that represent UW’s influences of blue/white collar functionality fused with a love of sportswear. ┬áThe shoes will be available this Saturday but in the meantime why not enjoy this stupendous stop-motion video ‘Made with good ingredients‘ by graphic designer genius Allan Buxton.

UW x Saucony Collab Stone Trainer (resized)

UW x Saucony Collab Model Shot Stone (resized)

UW x Saucony Collab Model Shot Navy (resized)

UW x Saucony Collab Navy Trainer (resized)


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