Up for the Cup? Top ten drinking vessels

With a period traditionally set aside for a fair bit of drinking about to take place, we thought we’d draw your attention to some of our favourite vessels from which to sip.

Peanuts Espresso Set
For the millionth time, Peanuts isn’t a kids thing, at least not anymore. It’s a cultural touchpoint on which anyone with any interet in Americana and counter culture will appreciate. If that means you, these do too.
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Hay Borosilicate Mug set
There’s something aesthetically pleasing about coloured transparent cups, tbh. These look like they could have been made out of Number Johnny Five’s eyes.
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And Wander Dinex Mug
This robust cup comes with a similarly desirable and Wander carabiner. You’ll use this on your ramble, but it’ll also look lovely up on that shelf surrounded by the toys you ironically collect.
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Kinto Sepia Cup and Saucer
Like something out of Abigail’s Party, which is a ringing endorsement tbh.
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Carhartt WIP Happy Script Mug Wax
The sort of thing Carhartt do well, this. Consistently so.
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Handmade Cyclist – Sa Calobra Espresso Cup and Saucer
Little Lotus Biscoff on the side, frothy coffee, mid-morning meander in your fave record shops. Yes, that sounds nice doesn’t it?
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Hikerdelic Ceramic Twin Mug set
Yes ok it’s another mention for something we’ve done but if we don’t tell you how nice our things are how can we expect anyone else to? At the time of writing there are literally 5 pairs of these left.
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Liam Owen x Goodhood Freckle Handmade Mug – Freckle Glaze
We know very little about this, but it looks nice doesn’t it?
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A Bathing Ape ABC Camo Stacking Mug
A cup in camo for coffee. Suitably attractive to be labelled your ‘best china’ in the same way old folks used to. Probably still do.
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Snow Peak Titanium Single Wall 450ml cup
Suitably sustainable from Snow Peak, this is ostensibly a cup for camping with, but if you’re anything like us, you’ll sit it on a shelf for visitors to be impressed by, with some niknaks in it. Not the crispy things, but you know, pencils and that.
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