Weekly Round Up – 26/2/21

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As we trudge towards the end of yet another busy week, here we are again hurriedly putting together a round up of what we’ve been doing, as if somehow you’re bothered.

Green Cola

No sugar, no aspartame, no preservatives, 100% taste, it boasts. We’ve had enough of it delivered this week to sate a small (one-man) army and not poison him sweeteners. We’ll let you know how we get on with it next week.

Oi Polloi

Stories of JD ownership have been doing the rounds about this Mancunian Institution (Mancstitution) for years. Until recently they held little water, but it seems the stars recently aligned and the deal was done. Joining forces with the Bury-based Powerhouse that is the JD Group, they join former independents Hip, and Wellgosh. JD are no mugs and a look at the Hip store in Leeds shows that talk from casual Dads on social media about it being ‘RIP Oi Polloi’ are very much wide of the mark.

Kith Paris

Elsewhere in this industry we call ‘clothes’, premium streetwear heads Kith have opened their first retail store in Europe, and quite understandably it’s in Paris. One day we might even get to visit it.

Jab Dad

One of the founding fathers of Proper (me, I’m not sure whether I’m writing this in first person so I’ll just mix the two) had his covid jab this week. As stated on twitter, no strange side effects or weird habits have been developed yet, but my wee has started to taste really funny.

New Hoodies

As you know, we do stuff with clothes, namely our own Hikerdelic brand. We’ve got more launches lined up than Nasa. This week’s is our new Trek Your Head hoodies. They’re nice, aren’t they? Get yours (and some tees, too) at

Early risers

Elsewhere this week, our band of merry content creators were up at sunrise for a shoot this week for a Japanese brand. Will show you more of this when we can. And we won’t mention anything about the land of the rising sun.

Almost forgot, our new Yogi Collaboration launches tonight, 7pm. Be there, don’t be square.

Wellgosh Video

We’ve been working with Leicester’s finest recently on a short film which will undoubtedly show you the way out of lockdown. Keep your eyes peeled for it next week.

I had pizza for tea.

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