What We Learned This Week – 21/10/16

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1. That Oasis film is really very funny, not to mention much more relevant to our interests than we imagined. They might have gone a bit Dad rock after Knebworth but to the 18 year old me, who grew up about 4 miles away from them, they were ‘it’. And for a couple of hours last night, I was back there. And it was alright, wasn’t it?

Cheers to Scotts for the invite to the VIP screening btw. We’re VIPs now, FWIW, IMVVHO.

2. These mugs have had people biting their nails in anticipation. The videos aren’t bad either? Thanks to the person who did them, who wishes to remain anonymous.

The John Barnes version for Liverpool is coming soon, btw. We had to start it again as it may have been treading a fine line between ok and not ok.

3. We’re doing a spoof running magazine set in 1981. It’s coming together really well and it’ll come free with Issue 21 of Proper, which is also coming together really well.

4. It might be getting predictable that we mention Blossoms in this article every week, but check out their tour diaries on their facebook page and then tell us they’re not a great bunch of lads. You won’t be able to.

5. More tees coming next week. Don’t tell anyone. Or do. Or don’t.

6. Oi Polloi have some wonderful things in the pipeline. Watch this space. Or other spaces. Just watch some space.


7. “Want to get a photo there?” / “Definitely!” / “You mean definitely, maybe?” / “No.”


8. Doing a website to show off what we’ve done so far. Taking pictures of clothes and stuff. And we’ve done more than we thought we’d done. We’ll show off at the appropriate time.

9. Junior is really good at football.

10. Public telephones no longer require 10p to make a call. It’s 60p. Also, losing your mobile phone is a traumatic experience that nobody should have to suffer.

I had pizza for tea.

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