What We Learned This Week – 8/7/16

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In a week where Farage resigned, Chris Evans followed him and everyone finally stopped going on about Iceland, we had a mellow week in our Ancoats bunker. Here’s what we learned.

1. You can’t skin up with a pebble. Shaun Ryder says so.

2. Manual Neuer looks like Augustus Gloop and quite a few people on Twitter agree.


3. There are around 3000 brown bears in the wild of Sweden. And it’s likely we’ll be sharing an evening under the stars with them soon.

4. Palace and him from Superbad are both a good match.

5. Neil gets very angry if he goes a day without some kind of delivery. Starts throwing stationery and jiffy bags about.

6. The internet is full of weird and wonderful characters.

7. Ultravox offer a dramatic and uplifting start to a morning’s work.

8. Ganglion cyst removal surgery is a routine but painful procedure. Mark says so.

9. Neil has a scream a bit like Ned Flanders, especially when he wakes up with a mouse on his leg. This actually happened.

10. Our new mugs are ace.




I had pizza for tea.

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