Understanding the Cult of Yeti Coolers

The American brand has started a movement – making the Yeti coolers seriously hot property.

yeti coolers

While we don’t have ‘cooler’ culture in the same way they do in the States, there’s a chance that with our current heatwaves it isn’t far off. In the US, for example, the word Yeti has become synonymous with ‘cooler’ (in the same way we equate hoovers with vacuum cleaners), and Yeti, a brand only really well known in certain luxury outdoor circles over here, is a household name. 

It’s so huge that big magazines – Texas Monthly, Business Insider – use the brand as a case study for the efficacy of marketing strategies, and American pickup trucks are Yeti sticker-clad much in the same way one might cover their laptop with clothing brands. 

People even hype the new releases of Yeti much in the same way that we do the hype of new colourway releases. 

But – what’s it all about? 

Well, on top of being a status symbol, Yeti just make damn good coolers. And the good thing about the UK is that because we don’t have the cult of Yeti just yet, the inflationary prices aren’t as high (some in the US sell for over a grand). Sure, £300 on a cooler is a lot, but they are spot on.

Parasol has a selection from small and portable to large and furniture-like. 

Yeti at Parasol

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