Proper Picks – November 2022

Barbour at Aphrodite
This version of the classic Kara Koram jacket is a sterling effort by the big jacket guys at Barbour. Get it from Aphrodite, who are basically next door neighbours with Barbour up there in the North East.
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Beams Plus Euro Anorak at Oi Polloi
Looking for all the world like a Belstaff Dalesman jacket, this well-priced Beam Plus effort has all the understated attention to detail we’ve come to expect from there.
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adidas Originals Sunshine at Wellgosh
An obvious point to make, maybe, but this current blustering, wet weather we’ve been having has us yearning for summer. These shoes bring a bit of that vibe. This city-series esque silhouette even has the correct opacity of gum sole, which is something worth championing.
Get them at Wellgosh here

ByParra at Aphrodite
The mark of a good fleece in our book is whether it’d work just as well as an OAP’s carpet. If the answer is yes, then it’s a good fleece. You can judge this one for yourselves.
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Elmer Gloves at Oi Polloi
The big furry efforts made by this great glove company and smashing, but these waterproof numbers are arguably even better. You can use our phone with them too.
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Moncler at Aphrodite
Well this is a bit of a banger isn’t it? Excellent hood shape.
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Berghaus Urban Coord Wind Jacket at Oi Polloi
Cynical of us to include yet more Berghaus in our round ups but to be honest with you, they do good numbers. That tells its own story doesn’t it? Well, priced and guaranteed to get a good amount of year-round wear, this Wind Jacket is a bit of us.
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Norse Projects at Yards Store
The coolest weatherman you’ve ever known wears this. That’s why you like it.
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Patagonia Synch Snap Fleece at Aphrodite
As a rule, any fleece jacket or indeed layer that possesses a pattern reminiscent of a pub carpet is ok by us.
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Norda at Wellgosh
The footwear brand of the moment, or so it seems. We’ve sampled them and can confirm they’re popular for a reason. They really are great.
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C.P. Company at Aphrodite
This is the aesthetic we’ve come to love from C.P. Company. Naturally each AW season sees them once again assert their superiority jacket wise, through stuff lke this.
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Norse Projects at Yards Store
Long time lovers of Norse will appreciate how they are growing up with the brand. This is perhaps a good example of how nicely they’ve continued to evolve. Slightly sporty but still with that characteristic simplicity the Danish legends do so well.
See moretex of Goretex here

Berghaus Ice Cap at Oi Polloi
There aren’t that many jackets in this colour you could truly pull off, but this is the exception.
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New Balance 2002R at Aphrodite
Appropriate for autumn, these trusty, rusty shoes are a nice alternative to NB’s more celebrated models.
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