It’s that time of year again when all the various trainer tribes make the annual pilgrimage to Liverpool to come together and celebrate all things footwear related at…


If you like to walk into a shop and feel that you’ve being magically transported to Tokyo or Portland and also somewhat paradoxically that you’re ‘right at home’…


The next Laces Out! one day festival held over at Liverpool’s Camp & Furnace on Saturday the 19th of November, looks set to be their best one yet.…


Rarely would you find a shop inspired by a culture of shoplifting so it’s no surprise to see that the only example of such a place is in Liverpool. Tired and predictable stereotypes aside, Transalpino is a genuine source of impressive footwear for match going types countrywide despite only being a year old. The business itself was established just 14 months ago in September 2006, with the website following a few weeks later.