original store


Ooh, Melton wool and chambray lining. A match made in heaven. Well, Portland anyway, home of premium outerwear brand Holden. They’ve jumped into a nice warm bed with…


Our new old mate Carl at The Original Store worded us up about this a good few weeks ago now. This was inbetween us collectively putting the world to rights and discussing “what comes next” in terms of clothing.

For The Original Store at least, this marks a slight departure. Only a slight one, mind. The bottom line is Heritage Research make good clothes and The Original Store likes selling good clothes.


Avid Proper Magazine readers will have noted our past (and current) appreciation for Terry Farley/Faith and a very smart online shop called the original store.

As such we’re bang into this little collaboration between the two. Featuring a mix CD by Faith’s and Boys Own Terry Farley and Jimmy P, it’s another very limited edition t-shirt project between the two.