mountain parka


It’s vitally important to remember that Woolrich aren’t just about big, beautiful winter parkas and that they also do a great line in outerwear for the warmer months.…


Batten down the borders, beautiful bits from Battenwear have just arrived on our shores, and as you’d expect from the brand from The Big Apple, everything’s looking ‘rosy’. Feeling in…


As a bit of a sucker for a bit of vintage Americana, I’ve been buying parkas and jackets from the other side of the water for quite a few years now. I thought I’d had every conceivable combination so far, from vintage Izod Lacoste of all shapes and sizes, to Woolrich 65/35 Mountain Parkas and the better known 60/40 Parkas from Sierra Designs and many others.


Winter is just a short hike around the corner (and up a snow-flecked hill) and the question is, will this mountaineering palarver continue to prevail? Are you even into it? Well, we suggest you take this quiz in readiness for the wind and sleet arriving. After all, there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.